Who's who in the Jigsaw Phonics world.

We’ll let you in on a team joke here. We’ve given ourselves the identities of our own Jigsaw Phonics characters. Read on!


Olivia Monks is a qualified primary school teacher teaching KS1 children. She is a self-confessed phonics addict and as a dyslexic herself, understands learning differences personally. She taught in Luton, Bedford, for two years where she experienced first-hand the mainstream classroom for all learners, including EAL and SEN learners, and that continues now in Cheshire. Olivia is @primaryteachuk on Instagram where she is known for behaviour management, inclusivity, outside learning and, of course, phonics! Olivia is Wug because she has a very green vibe … the colour, recycling and outdoor learning.

puzzle grey2ai-01.png

Barbara Phillips has been a graphic designer and printer for 15 years and runs her own design and printing business in Wales, as well as being the Company Director of Fruit Salad Publishing Ltd. Barbara is the reason the Jigsaw Phonics resources look so beautiful and why the downloads will print so perfectly - she  is that great but rare combination of designer and printer. She also knows everything there is to know about paper, which is a lot! Because Barbara is a printer, and print is often black on white like Puzzle, she’s Puzzle.


Sandra Pyne is a qualified dyslexia specialist/assessor with a postgraduate certificate in dyslexia and literacy from Dyslexia Action/University of Middlesex. She has degrees in Linguistics and Lexicography. She is also a special needs teacher trainer for the British Council. She taught the range of primary years in a bilingual school for 15 years (until 2018) and had responsibilities for special educational needs. She prefers the term “learning differences” because everyone has learning differences! Sandra is Trick, the team’s dedicated word nerd.