Rupert's Snowman

I had a chat with Phillipa Warden about her beautiful new book, Rupert’s Snowman, which launched on September 15th.

Sandra: Congratulations on your new book, Phillipa. How easy was it to write?

Phillipa: Well, my tale Rupert's Snowman is a true story so it essentially wrote itself, I just had to liven it up with descriptions of the winter landscape.

S: What motivated you to write it?

P: I have always wanted to write a Children's Christmas book. The opportunity arose when Rupert wrote the adventure down in a little booklet for our annual family Christmas newspaper complete with stick drawings.

S: And Rupert is?

P: My son Rupert is the little brother to Emma and they're both really wonderful children.

Rupert's Snowman on the surface is a cute tale about my son not wanting to leave his snowman alone after a morning building Frosty. A heartwarming Christmas story about a snowman rescue!

S: Does Rupert’s Snowman have a message for readers?

P: Dig slightly deeper and the snowman represents anybody who doesn't want to be left out in the cold. A gentle storyline about empathy and kindness to help begin conversations with your children about what it means to be human!

S: The story is lovely, but so is the artwork.

P: The pictures are by a friend's niece, Grace Ward, who used them for her graduation show in children's book illustration. She incorporates the text playfully which I love, winding through the scarves for example and rolling down the hill.

S: And is this your first book?

P: Yes, this is my first children's book, I'm a trained artist and knitwear designer. I also do the pencil portraits for media group Tortoise and run a fashion and textiles club for children.

S: Thanks so much for chatting to me! Rupert’s Snowman is available now online and in all good bookshops and would make the perfect Christmas present!

And this review of Rupert’s Snowman, posted on publication day, is by Andrea, @educa8wirral on Instagram, a must-follow account for anyone who loves children’s books. Andrea is also a teacher and sought-after tutor in the Wirral area and her website is

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Happy Publication Day to this book! Based on a true story, this wintry tale by Philippa Warden @ruperts_snowman tells the tale of Rupert, a young boy who builds a snowman with his Mummy on Christmas Eve. ⁣