3 read-aloud stories to introduce the characters:


"Puzzle finds something to eat."


"Trick and the great escape."


"Wug lands on planet Earth."


3 posters of Puzzle, Wug and Trick, A4 size


7 writing frames featuring Puzzle, Wug and Trick with 2 different styles of writing lines 16 A4 sheets in total


21 colouring sheets, 2 different designs per character and 1 of the 3 characters together, in 3 different sizes: design 1 is the character, design 2 matches the teaching slides, sizes are 1, 2 and 4 images per A4 sheet


3 character pictures with speech bubbles


4 different certificates on 1 A4 page


4 different “note home” designs on 1 A4 page 


9 sheets featuring bamboo, planets and batteries in 3 different sizes: 1, 2 and 4 per A4 sheet, for working walls/displays

45 separate sheets of one letter - one large A4 letter per sheet spelling out: alien words, tricky words, real words, Puzzle, Wug, Trick in cabin sketch font for working walls/displays


Jigsaw Phonics resources are designed to work alongside and enhance whichever phonics programme your school uses, not replace it. So Jigsaw Phonics is for everyone and you can start using it at any time in the school year. 

The Character Story Collection Digital Download

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