The Praise Card Collection contains:


10 separate business card-sized cards measuring 85mm x 55mm (standard UK business card size), with four cards featuring all three characters, two cards featuring just Puzzle, two cards featuring just Trick, and two cards featuring just Wug with the praise phrases listed below. 


You can give the cards out as they are, or there is the option to write a personal message on the back. 


They are great printed on 300gsm board if your printer takes it, however most domestic printers take up to 160gsm paper and that would be fine too.


The praise phrases can also be printed on an A4 self-adhesive label sheet and cut to make stickers. 


The design includes cut marks so that you can line them up in your guillotine or with a ruler if using a scalpel.


The phrases on the cards are:


(featuring all three characters on each card)


handwriting star 

phonics star

reading at home



(featuring Puzzle)





(featuring Trick)


Good tricky word reading!

Good tricky word spelling!


(featuring Wug)


What a lot of nonsense!

Wuggish? Rubbish!

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This product may not be redistributed or used for commercial purposes. 

The Praise Card Collection Digital Download

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