slide presentations
all 74 sounds as “presentation flashcards”

for each single sound, digraph, trigraph and split digraph there is a slide with

1 single sound

5 single words
5 alien words

3 silly phrases/sentences with 4 activities: find/count capital letters, find punctuation, count word spaces and count  number of times the sound appears


tricky words
both common exception words and high frequency words

415 slides in total


Both print and precursive font versions.


Puzzle, Wug and Trick are characters who are there to develop your children’s metacognitive awareness of real, alien and tricky words. The slides help manage your workload because they are a high-quality, classroom-tested resource requiring no preparation. Government guidelines (from April 2021) state “teaching and learning activities should be interesting and engaging but firmly focused on intensifying learning associated with the phonic goal. Where computer-based resources are included, these should support or direct teaching by the teacher, but not replace it.” The Jigsaw PhonicsⓇ activity slides have been specifically designed to meet these criteria. 


If you have a school budget for resources you’d like to use across multiple classrooms, get in touch by emailing and we will open a school account for you.


Note: the slides you see in the graphics are just a sample of the activity types.


All the Jigsaw PhonicsⓇ resources support the Teaching Slides Collection, including the Activity Slides Collection which complements this resource perfectly with extra activtities.


Jigsaw Phonics resources are designed to work alongside and enhance whichever phonics programme your school uses, not replace it. So Jigsaw Phonics is for everyone and you can start using it at any time in the school year. 

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The Teaching Slides Collection Digital Download - Powerpoint

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